The exhibition launch at The Golden Ball Bishophill and OPEN ART SURGERY S first exhibiton together

So the night arrived ………the day before myself and kate , a local lady whom runs her own framing company and who has worked in galleries before – set to work in arranging all the art . Everyone had played nicely and brought all their pieces of work ready to hang the night before – excellent .

On the day of the exhibiton evening I busily set about popping blurbs next to the pieces of work with the artists interpretation of their piece , name, price etc ………….. borrowed a cd player from a friend and grabbed some easy listening music The XX were a kean favourite due to their tune BASIC SPACE and the theme been YOUR PLACE IN SPACE – see what I did , oh dear .

So I went home scrubbed up , forgetting to zip up my dress , infact that was the only problem of the evening aside the walls been bright red . I have photographic evidence to ……….!

The wine and nibble s were set up , fire lit and by 730pm people of York rolled in , literally the garden room of the pub was full allnight with different people all the time .

Within half an hour one artist had sold a piece of her work and within an hour and a half another artist had sold both her pieces of hand woven work……….. I was smiling .

A father of one of the artists insisted that I made a speech whilst he videoed me for uni purposes (I shal try upload asap from vimeo )ad yes my dress is still unzipped at this point .

During the course of the evening I met interesting artists , a life model and lots of people from the community all showing their support and all smiling …..

On asking how people had found out mainly I heard – face book , as many friends had been helping spread the word , so proof is in the pudding ………
Work is up till December and another piece sold just today ……….people like what is happening ……….. relief and ready for the next one ….

Already I have a date for the next craft day / exhibition night it is 14 dec 2013 and have all crafters ready and need a few more artists for the night exhibition …Ive decided to have an open exhibition with no particular brief and varied artists not just from the open art surgery – Im calling it A REET YORKSHIRE MIXTURE – with an image of the old fashioned sweet Yorkshire mix of course – WATCH THIS SPACE …………

One problem was that the wall is still red I have asked the community members if we can change it to more appropriate exhibition colour and still suit the décor of the pub ………….. patience on this one . Also the rail that was bought to hang didn’t get hung in time due to the managers Grandma dieing , so couldn’t be helped . Hope to put this up asap …………IMG_7318














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