Genuinly I wake up and im thinking of who I need to call what I need to do , not for me but to organise the next few exhibitions . This is great (part of the dream ) but im burying myself and getting a bit burnt out …………….. “You are no use to any one if you are burnt out ” Craftivist Founder explained . Yes I get her now .

I have been trying strategies such as not thinking about anything relating to the collective etc until for instance the next meeting . Training myself that I don’t have to constantly think about it and knowing its ok to put it away when im for instance at uni or work or just relaxing alone or with friends/family . It is creating a healthy file system and not a muddy mixed pallet of paint !!!!!!


Im learning so much of what id like to change for future events – to save me work .

Limit amount of emails sent – people need to write in their diaries and check emails – im not a babysitter

Invisible rules inplace to restrict people from taking the piss ie – just using the space to exhibit and not attending meetings etc .

Organise the space for craft  fairs and get dynamics just right .

As a facilitater what do I get out of it ? This is my aim to think about this question .

What do collective members get out of it ? More money is for sure ha ha

What do the community get out of it ? Regular supply of art and events , where they can meet new people and buy original art/crafts .

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm balance is needed here


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