Chris Woodward who plays a leading role in the infamously Art s council funded Leeds Creative space , today gave us a speech .

He talked about how they set up and really it reminded me of what im covering now . He then went on to discuss where they had been and where they are now . They have been a huge success and the groth is amazing from grass roots to spaces over the country .

Their income was clear £50 membership/£25 students  And a variety of well maintained appealing studios ranging round £100 per month each . They now have studios elsewhere in Leeds to.

Chris spoke well and shared his own practise had taken a back seat something id like to work on is honing my photography, performance and making practise aswell as my projectmanagment/curating work .

I feel very welcome to go join East Street Arts and would like to discuss how they initially found a building and got funding much further.

Chris said they ad to register as a charity which seems to be echoing from most I speak to as John the funding consultant said this to .

The arts council funded them and this also is an echoing theme .


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