3 day curators course with Terry Jones

I .applied for an opportunity to curate work for the student surgery wall space and was successful . As well as getting the project I was offered a free 3 day curators course with the colleges very own exhibition space curator Terry Jones , who has 40 yrs of curating work under his belt .

The exhibition we curated and hung was BOYD and EVANS whom we also got to meet on the 2nd and 3rd days .

We also got to hang some Miss Dynamo works at Vernon Street building so it was very practical and having a good group dynamic helped greatly .

Terry took us through the process of booking an artist and then meeting them to discuss their vision of the exhibition . In the case of Boyd and Evans they had sent us a copy of the room and where everything was to be hung , we made a few adjustments due to wall space but really stuck to their initial plan .

We learnt how to measure wall space and then hang the work precisely and with various hanging techniques ie mirror plates .

We would have to putty holes and paint it really is all about the look after and the security of these often v expensive works . One of Boyd and Evans cost in the region of £20.000 as an example !

Les Evans and Fionulla Boyd met in the 60s whilst studying in Leeds …. they entered a completion and won a large sum of money . With this cash they travelled together round America , through deserts and mountains and took photographs .

Their work was mainly largely pieces and looked really striking . They were good to work with as they seemed so happy to be back in Leeds , a romantic connection and it felt special and personal .

Terry was great telling lots of horror curator stories and other happy stories and all of it just made me want to curate more and more , so much so that I asked Terry if he would need a hand for future exhibitions and he said yes . So I am looking forward to the feb show which sounds completely different to this one as it is installation rather than 2d .

The team were great and we talked and laughed and grafted for 3 days and I kind of hoped id see a few of them again . One of the guys I will as he and I will be collectively curating and hanging work for the vast student surgery next to the college . We got to see each other work and he is hard working and dedicated and that says a lot for me , so I am looking forward to beginning that project and also helping Terry on a part time basis – Terry also suggested that I ask to be paid for it and so I have messaged Louise and she will need to go threw management probably so I hope they agree , if not il still help as the experience is valuable to me .

Talking to people at the preview really helped me a lot , I did miss a work meeting in York which isn’t great and I am noticing more and more that things I actually need to do that I want to do as they are important to my future career are clashing with my actual paid employment – so I need to work on that . However I did enjoy speaking with a gallery owner from London she owns Flowers gallery 2 in London and 1 in New York , she listened to my plans and asked me questions . she exhibits Boyd and Evans work regularly and is a friend now . I talked a lot to Fionulla  and she was really giving a lot of guidance and told me they do a lot of work where they live in Milton Keynes with community and gave me some useful contacts – Art for Health and said to call her to for any guidance . She also recommended entering competitions and look in the not so popular Artists news letter…….. so all in all a very interesting journey and a lovely exhibition preview that I played a huge part in . 


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