4 Dec and met Natasha Almond at Priory street volunteers centre in York . I discussed what I was doing and what I had done and essentially what I wanted to do within the community regarding community art work .


She is extremely supportive and understanding as she herself is making a business plan for a product .

We discussed that I will need a well honed business plan /proposal . This I already knew and the more I talk to people about my idea the more it becomes easier and more fluid to explain  or sell …..


She gave me a number of worksheets that she herself had used whilst trying to make a proposal .I will upload pictures s of these for the blog as they seem really useful. In  creating that all important structure .

A really interesting piece of guidance was that I should think about doing pop in ups around York to help people get to know me and what I am doing . This instantly took away the pressure of “having ” to get a space and try  cope financially when really I am not 100%ready to do this as I have university to focus on for another year and this takes up a lot of my time.

However by taking my time and really getting out there in other venues and with other organisations which is what I wanted any way , but by doing it this way I already have the contacts when the time for a “space ” comes along .

We left the meeting both feeling passionate about what I had proposed and content that it is happening . 


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