A REET YORKSHIRE MIXTURE – 2 nd art exhibition at The golden Ball

I had got a slot for the  14 dec 2013 ………..so the crafty and arty day had been on during the day already and I was  a bit tired ……………….. However , I was really impressed with the outcome …………The day before I had hung the work with some help  from collective members , whom this time have made the blurbs for the pieces and the poster …………… so the collective is coming together more and more .


Hanging the show took too long really . We have new hangers and they were a pain with smaller and lighter pieces of work but never the less we got there and it was hung by Friday night .


Saturday evening came and we got out the nibbles and the bubbly and transformed the garden room of the community pub into a functioning exhibition space …………


Artists who had submitted work which was around 20 people ………. had brought relatives and friends and everyone was so happy .


I picked up a sense of pride in a lot of people , proud of them selves for getting back into art and showing their work .


Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the event as I got ill .and didn’t think to ask some one else to record it but some of the feed back was fantastic .

People were asking to join the collective  and others were wanting to know if they can join in projects …..and overall the theme of adult education was reflecting and echoing ………………. and this is something that has got me thinking about my future career .

I will add images of the exhibition that is up on the walls  before it is taken down to replace in mid January.


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