The 14 dec had arrived . With it been the second fair and it been a relatively small space this time folk just set up with no problem . My friend came over from Whitby so was new to it all , her first craft stall . So it was important that I paired her up with some one who can support her a bit , so a lovely women Mandi Grant situated herself near Emma which thankfully really worked to …….


I had got this slot by luck as the  christmas period is so busy at the pub …and on reflection I may have done my home work first ………. we realised after a not so financially lucrative day that another York attraction ” the festival of angels”  was on  at the same time and of course most people have done their shopping by this time in the year or are out at shops buying things ………………..

The amount of people that came was still high and everyone really enjoyed the day , but I charged £5 per table this time to go toward s the Philippines disaster fund and folk didn’t make much more money .apart from one girl who sold all her hand made bags that hadn’t sold at all in a larger more established craft fair at The Merchants Hall in York .


So it was a great learning curve …. as people still showed keen spirit  for the 3rd craft fair ………………. which I am aiming for feb .



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