Last year was a major year for me . living in the community of Bishophill helped immensely as people started to realise my love of creating , organising and bringing people together .

These strengths were brought together by a number of uni projects which allowed me to reach out to other organisations such as STRETCH ran by my now friend Carlotta Allum ,with her I worked in a prison for a week and worked with army veterans for four days .  

During the extremely long summer holiday I started up a collective .OPEN ART SURGERY .and et some wonderful people from the community , I set the group of say 10 people a project brief of YOUR PLACE IN SPACE  and in 3 months we exhibited the varied results  in the community ran pub THE GOLDEN BALL – whom were setting up an exhibition space in their very own GARDEN ROOM ……………… The lady who was to run this is Al Milnes who owns Staithes Gallery near Whitby . I was flattered and so happy when she asked if instead I would like to be in the in-house curator as she was far to  busy …………………. I took the position and as the collective grew and more people started to know me …I would have artists approaching me to exhibit and offers to work on other projects in different parts of York , all this I have welcomed as I am really enjoying the whole building of a career in creative projects .

The collective is near 20 strong — people from a variety of artistic backgrounds – teachers , ex art students etc .It is very rich in talent and we are working towards our 3rd exhibition and I am pushing for other projects out of the Bishophill area ………….. opportunities are arising and I am trying to take them all .

During the time working as the in house curator I was successful in an opportunity at college were I will be curating work for the student surgery in 2014 , I did a 3 day curators course where I got to hang the work of Boyd and Evans . I also met them and they were very encouraging .I like the contacts you can meet if like me you are sociable and communicative . It feels like I am making a lifestyle using my strengths and I aim to continue doing that .

For 2014 I would like to look forward to the years exhibitions which are booked till July , meeting the artists feels very professional and is such good practise . I would like to take other opportunities to curate . I have been in contact with any non profit organisation Yorkreatives whom are asking for York people to get involved . I may also contact the manager of Flowers Gallery in London for some advice perhaps as I met her at Boyd and Evans exhibition and she was willing to help us all .

The collective will continue to grow and I would like us all to enter competitions sourced by myself and other collective members …………. I spread word of York exhibitions on the collective face book page and make sure I share any opportunities that come up like a man who helps control the funding given from a will of an artist who died and wanted money to help people in artist projects , he is a friend and has offered me this info and I will use it to apply for funding for future projects .

Also my uni projects have to now tie in to what I am building other wise I will exhaust myself . Of course I need to remember I am amaker and continue to practise my jewllry work and I am really needing to record more so get to practise photography which I enjoy . My writing skills will be built up by going to more lecture and contextual studies and reading more relevant books . Project management for dummies been one .


I know I have also as well as the above 2 x jobs and by dec2013 I felt exhausted and this year I don’t want to risk doing this to myself so I may work on time tables for balancing work load and not over do any one aspect  ………………. also I will believe in myself and not threat that I am going to fail in fact this feeling is probably a bit healthy as I am never to cock sure but at the same time I need to REFLECT on the success stories and build on that and remember failures are also healthy and useful parts of the growth . 

My next task is to make a mock proposal for an arts project and imagine I was asking for funding – I will read arts council proposals and application forms and work round the questions they ask and I will submit a final draft for my  brief at uni – also I will submit this blog as it is a reflective diary .



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