OPEN ART SURGERY – a group of creative people , whom gather and discuss creative opportunities .

A forward thinking enterprise .

A creative force created by creative people .

The fate if the collective lays in the hands of the participators and myself the facilitator .

An audience can help as can other organisations as opportunities can grow .

Things can be achieved – people can gain confidence and grow in self in a variety of ways .

I can establish myself as a creative facilitator with in the community .

The community benefit from having more access to artists work .


To work on the next exhibition .

To get to know the artists better at the monthly meetings – WHY ? so I can work on seeing a variety of skills each person can bring to the table .  

Create and be involved singularly and collectively in other York projects- HABIT MUSIC SPACE EXHIBITION is in discussion , PEACE FESTVAL 2014 – a community project is in discussion , TREEWARDEN POSTER – an opportunity for the collective to work on if they want (to email everyone with this info asap), SKILLS SHARE PROJECT in discussion .  


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