A reflection on where I am now .

After a discussion with Paula yesterday I now feel that the projects that I wanted to do as part of branching out with the collective and “popping up ” are important as I have instigated them and I like to follow up what I stat but it is all about priorities and when I put it all in perspective then these projects can take a back seat as I do not want to be overloaded and not be as sharp as I could be with major things like writing a mission statement for when I talk to the press on the 18 jan and for the email I send to east street arts enquiring about space and that will be followed by a proposal which is essentially for my uni work .These are my main priorities right now and every thing else has to be put on a back seat for now .

This feels like a good place to be as I realise this field of work is constant organisation skills and time management and naturally I like to try take a lot on however realising that  this doesn’t always work has been good for me and I feel as if I am refining my management skills by allowing myself to do this .

I don’t feel completely confident yet to hand over the projects I have personally instigated to members of the collective but a good test for me and a benefit to the collective would be working on a joint event in the community where everyone nominates people for certain role s . This will bring the collective together and also allow me to be more of a manager than the one who is doing everything which is where I would like to take things especially in regard s to possible spaces – I would really benefit from having the collective behind me then .

Next steps – be sure of mission statement –

Email East street arts enquiring about space in York .

Write a mock proposal  .

Prepare for  the next collective meeting 13 jan – regarding a community event where everyone is hands on .

Prepare mission statement for 18 jan exhibition to talk to the York Press .


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