The Art House Wakefield Mission Statement


The Art House believes it is vital to the UK that anyone can access opportunities to develop as a professional artist. We believe it’s a human right for all to be able to participate in culture at a professional level. Rights are important. But we also believe that a diverse cultural sector has a greater impact socially, culturally and economically. The more people’s perspectives and experiences create visual arts, the more people they can touch and reach. Equality will make art matter more.

The Art House believes that Artists are individuals and the nature of creative success depends on us supporting them as individuals. For this reason we provide a portfolio of activity, from studios to business training, from community based opportunities to residencies. We believe in engaging with people and being responsive to their needs. In particular we ensure we are responsive to the needs of disabled people, we feel that the needs of non-disabled artists are more considered in the visual arts. In listening we also discover trends and issues making us ideally placed to support the wider world in understanding how to make the visual arts flourish. We believe quality needs equality, as much as equality needs quality.

The Art House is disability focused. We aim not to disable people who have impairments from succeeding as artists. Our focus is on ensuring that they do not have to seek alternative provision but can be satisfied with the provision available to all. We believe this is the way the world should be. We see ourselves as innovators, working with partners to make new things possible. This may involve supporting an artist with accessible facilities, providing focused and supported professional development residencies for disabled artists or working with other organisations to ensure their work is enriched by equality, artists have access to broad expertise and the Art House can be a conduit for learning between different sectors.  We intend to manage the risks of this innovation and then communicate our successes to others. Innovation is necessary for equality to be achieved.

We know the journey to equality is a long road, so we see ourselves as being relevant for a long time. However our aim is also that others are continually catching us up, we believe that is a good sign for the visual arts, a good sign for the quality of our partnerships and a good sign that we are communicating well and staying relevant.





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