Discussion with Claire Douglass of York City Council Art Project Dept.


I arranged to have a phone call with Claire last week when checking out an Italian Course for adult learners . I know they are a really inspiring group as I met them at the adult learner awards vening around 3 yrs ago when I went with members from my Access to art and design course with my the teacher Jenny Eden .


The conversation started with myself telling Claire a little about myself – I am a mature student at Leeds College Of Art and I run an arts collective in the local area as well as curate regular exhibitions at a community ran pub in York . Been an adult learner and working alongside adult learners in the collective , I see and have experienced the change that art in education can have on peoples live s.

She then explained what she did and the classes are a little out of the centre in more poor areas of York like Acomb and Tanghall  and that she is involved in a massive community project for the lead up to tour de france ……………….also that they struggle for venues for more expensive classes .

We discussed how we can help each other ………… she is interested in coming to the exhibitions I curate and perhaps me exhibiting the adult learners work …………….

Also she has said if I find a space somewhere that is of high quality that they may negotiate using it once a week for classes – this can only happen if I take on a permanent space or manage a space – something I want to discuss with Ann on Wednesday .As I know that already Salt and Powell are possible candidates  for managing the other art space . I see it as I offer something more community based for adults education and now I have a definite connection of The Council ……………… I need a permanent base .

She also said some how I can tutor a class if I have space – this of course is an excellent connection for the future when I do a pgse which I have decided on doing after my degree .

So we spoke for half an hour and struck up a great discussion about art and possible projects and I think Claire is  a great connection to make as she is so hands on with what the council are offering art wise for the city and that’s where I need to be more involved .

She also sounds lovely and approachable so I am sure she will be helpful if I ever need any tips/advise in projects and she has contacts .

So I am emailing her details of up and coming exhibitions and letting her know about the outcome of my discussion with Ann after Wednesday . 


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