1011857_10152197329425833_1453113811_n (2)I HAVE A TEMPORY SPACE TO CREATE A POP UP ART SPACE IN . Met Ann Rutherford from East Street Arts at the space in York today . Along with Salt and Powell who are managing her York site  s …………. and Jenny Eden and Joy – 2 York artists and Jenny used to teach me on the Access course .

I am becoming a member £25 then signing partner ship forms and taking keys in a week or so .

Salt and Powell will hand over the keys and I will aim to take on the space for a month and see how it goes £40 per month ………….. I think this is ample to do a few ……………. Money may be an issue as it is not a public space it is an office space so people wont be in the building browsing for art  so the event has to be well advertised and also I need to negotiate the time scale of each exhibition – it may just be more of a performance /happening venue in which case I feel slightly gutted – also the walls cant really be screwed into so we need to buy command tape – Velcro .

I need to speak to Bonnie and Charlotte aka Salt and Powel to see how they have managed their space regarding how long exhibition is up for  a few days / a few weeks – am I in the building whilst this is happening ……..can I afford booze for the exhibitions …………………I need to find my optimism again as it is a great chance to experiment ……………………………………..


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