After a series of emails and asking around my lovely ex head of art at York College Helen Ventress has organised the loan of 4 plinths for the pop up space .Will arrange to pick these up before we set up .

Today at 1:33 PM

Hi Charlotte.

We will try our very best to ensure you can loan 4 tall plinths – from 21 feb till the end of march.

(Problem is 21st Feb is the Friday in our half term?)

I have spoken to Pete Bennison and he is prepared to sort out 4 for you.

This would all be at your own risk and you would need to collect and bring back. This will need careful arrangements with Pete Bennison.

Perhaps Pete and Pietro can talk to each other? (Pete will keep Chloe in the loop – as we have a lot of shows and demands for plinths) You will need to collect (and return) to Goods In on the ground floor – and Pete will see them off the premises and check them back in. (You may need to paint them)

Best to arrange collection when Pete is not taken away from students – ( everyone is very busy!)

Pete (and Chloe our technician supervisor) are on 01904 770 271

Hope this helps.



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