Despite having a bad back and been dosed up on painkillers I  went and held the monthly open art  surgery meeting . I didn’t last an hour but we discussed some good things . Dates for the Ball community day 22 march sat .Opportunities to exhibit at Arden House in York ………….a residential care complex with its own costa coffee and open to the public. Member  Anna got us the opportunity as the space was used originally by Bar Lane Studios before it closed down last year so they are looking for artist to do craft sessions with resident sand also work to fill the gallery space . We have suggested our regular exhibitions at the ball then travel to Arden house , thus everyone getting more from the work they make and a chance to sell ……….. plus giving residents and public a varied selection of work .Great opportunity ………… we also discussed going to large companies like b and q for funding this may be able to happen without been registered as a charity . I have thought about getting registered and have discussed with a friend who has a non profit organisation – it is difficult as the choices are very specific and it is about working out who takes owner ship of final decisions etc ……  I will discuss with collective after the pop up space …………..

Submissions is working everyone pays £2 a month – today il buy a register book to work out whose paid and who owes .


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