Amongst everything I am still also busy curating the GOLDEN BALL ART EXHIBTIONS

Here is an email to the parents of David who is exhibiting in June .David is an excellent photographer and takes pictures of nature and York city . He has Downs Syndrome and so his parents help him out with reading emails etc .My next client is Andres and Argentinian artist and teacher whose art class are exhibiting at the space from the 22 march for 6 weeks then a new friend Francesca and her partner and his uncle will exhibit . Her partners Uncle s work is exquisite and I am looking forward to the experience . He is tragically dying of cancer and this will mean a lot to him to exhibit with his family – this will be a special one .

Today at 8:32 PM
Hey there ,
How are you all? Hope all is well .
 Haven’t forgotten David’s exhibition .
 The dates have shifted forward slightly , we have an exhibition on the 3 may running for 6 weeks so David’s will be after that if he still wants to exhibit .
I will send an exact date to you when I have checked dates with the bar manager as they often have functions and meetings .
It will be great to have David’s work up in the garden room for 6 weeks .
There will be a small fee of £10 . I will print posters and advertise , If David (nearer to the time wants to send an image of his work  or any specific details he wants adding  to the posters  ) .
As usual we will have a preview from 730pm -9pm .
We will require all work to be strung  and labels for each piece to be made by yourself s and attached to relevant work so they can be removed and pinned next to the piece of work . David could also write an artists statement to accompany his work and to give and relevant contact details for any sales , of which I am sure there will be many !
You will hear from me very soon with a date . Hopefully that will suit yourselves .
Many thanks

Another email to Andres to send his class



Feb 13 at 4:16 PM

Hey Andre s !

Here are the required details for your class to read .

Firstly the hand in dates and drop off point

Tuesday 18 March in between 6pm and 6.30pm at The Golden Ball, Cromwell Road ,York.

Wednesday 19th March in between 6pm -630pm at The Golden Ball , Cromwell Road, York .

It is important all work is handed in at these time s and dates ready for hanging altogether .

Submission Fee

The charge for submitting is £3 per piece of work .I will collect this fee when you bring me your work on either of the dates above . Label your work clearly with your full name so I know whose is whose when it come to adding the contact details when hanging .


I require that all work is strung on the back ready for me to hang – also I need the title of your work , your name , contact details and a price for work . I will ask that everyone emails me these details asap and the deadline for this is 10 march Monday I also ask that these are all in times roman type as this will look better .It is quite time consuming to print and cut each label so I do ask on your co – operation with this and all the above requirements.


The date of the exhibition preview is Sat 22 march 7-9.30pm The Garden Room at The Golden Ball , Cromwell Rd , York.

I will make posters and advertise using face book and also give the details to one another magazine for there WHATS ON ! section .You just need to invite your friends and family and it should be a great preview .

The work will be up for 6 weeks . I am particularly busy and changing the work 3 weeks in could be quite difficult so before I defiantly confirm to doing this I will wait to see the amount of submissions that I receive first .

Hope to start receiving your contact details soon and meeting you all when you bring your work to me and having a great preview evening in March .

Best Regards



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