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Me Hello Vicky , Here is my story . Three years ago I started an access course at York College and was taught by artists Jenny Eden . The group was mainly mature students and many of my fellow class mate

7 Feb
Hello Vicky ,
Here is my story .
Three years ago I started an access course at York College and was taught by artists Jenny Eden . The group was mainly mature students and many of my fellow class mates are now my friends and part of the collective that I run in York .
I then went on to get a place at Leeds College Of Art studying Art and Design Interdisciplinary and now in my second year and specialising in project management /curating and jewellery .The 2 disciplines balance each other out – both take precision  and care however the project management is very social which I love and jewellery is a place I can go to and be alone with my self which I love to .
I moved to the Bishophill community when I started uni so around 2 years  ago and since I have been involved in creating a variety of community events – fundraisers and solstice gatherings and now I also curate the community ran pubs art work s where I show a variety of established and emerging artists from the York area . I love that everyone has access to art by it been in a pub and this is what interests me about running a POP UP ART  SPACE in an old office block . I really can see how art can completely transform a place and also people .
I see the benefit of been able to engage with other creative people in the collective I run OPEN ART SURGERY was founded by myself in 2013 and now has around 20 members all of whom are from different creative background s and have found their way back to art through the collective , something that gets said a lot is “how the collective has changed some ones life ” , this is really good to hear and we are looking forward to creating new and exciting projects around the city .
I heard through collective Salt and Powell that they got their space through East Street Arts based in Leeds so I approached ESA myself regarding space . I had been wanting the freedom of a space where I can bring other York Collectives together under one roof and create some great events for the York community . I simply paid to be a member of ESA then went from there . It all happened very fast and before I knew it I was given the keys to a 2 floor 90s office space that is waiting to be sold .
Having the support of other York artists , the collective and all my friends is helping and I am looking forward to the Launch Event Thurs 27 feb 7-930pm where we will splash the walls with some colour with a range of some of York and Leeds most colourful artists including the wonderful and quirky Alisia Casper – we will also have some live acoustic music playing to really warm the space ready for the exciting month  ahead .
Other events will include the brilliant Leeds based electronic installation genius  Ben Eyes and friends from  the event Wire Wool based at The Wool Pack in York also a wonderful selection of workshops from some of Yorks wonderful talent and The Golden Balls crafty/arty day will also uplift and root itself in the space for a day of handmade art and crafts by some of Yorkshires busiest bees on Sat 8th March .
Other dates to be confirmed are musical arty events from Bar Lane Studios The Wrong Side Of The River crew and a  finale night of performance with Leeds very on Bryonny Pritchard and Italian flamenco  dancer Giorgia Marina along with that cheeky Welsh man Dai Parsons for a taste of spoken word during York Literature Festival .
I intend to set myself up as a non profit organisation so that I can apply for funding for future events however this project is completely self funded and relying on the kind donations of The York People – entrance will be free but we will have a donations bucket  for folk to contribute to .
I hope this is enough for your story and I will send a schedule of dates /time s fro each event to you before the 15 feb or earlier ?

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