There are so many things I wouldn’t do next time …all valuable lessons learnt . Next time I wont take a space on in such a hurry . Id wait till a time out of term time , id gather a trustee of people to help me with large decisions like choosing artists and getting them on board , as this took and is taking the most work and im just so fortunate that collective members have been helping so much .

I would have a tool kit including STEP LADDERS ……………….

I would allocate jobs such as poster distribution to collective members , little jobs that take up far to much time .Even facebook sharing .some sort of PA to do this work would be great .

I would remember artists are my acquaintances not friends and stick to min emails as ive become an admin worker .

I would charge by each piece of work as some brought 1 piece and others brought 20 !!!!!! fair ? no!!!!

I would make deadlines for groups like the electro installation lot and if they didn’t stick to it then id have a back up and ask them to kindly back off if they don’t communicate with me or support the cause .

Above all the experience has taught me so so much so far and so I do not wish to complain but yes!I will def do it differently next time.

Juggling college with a space is to much and as well as that my commitments at the community pub and 2 x jobs . plus my partners had an accident so im looking after him …………. I feel tested to the limit and most of its my choice so wiser decisions next time .  



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