An arts collective in York ARTS BARGE , founder Marcia Mackey put a shout out for a female to go and do a radio in place of her as its not her thing . I jumped at the chance to plug what im doing in York .

It was a fun experience , I had to listen to 3 selected tunes with another guy from York mix , a what’s on guide in York whom have advertised my Pop Up Events for me and who actually was a nice guy. The radio dj is called Jericho Keys , id never heard of him but was really impressed by his show . He essentially helps promote up and coming bands in Yorkshire , the panel listen to the tunes and express opinion s …………. we had fun and I got to choose my own tune Bjork WHO IS IT ………..and plug the pop up space and me been a curator ………………. good experience .

I just arrived to the Open Art Surgery meeting on time , where we had a very pro active meeting on me taking on less of the duties and sharing the work as a collective ……excellent day /night.


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