Tonight was a very special open art surgery collective meeting .

As well as the usual discussion of dates and events .

We also collectively discussed my work load and this was actually a conversation instigated by members not me . I have been managing a lot more than I really need to be , as in the doing moat/all of the duties necessary to keep the collective going ……I was overwhelmed and thankful when collective members started to discuss sharing the duties as a collective  ………..

Today I wrote a message to members listing and detailing the tasks I do for the collective and I was surprised at how much I do , this is going to be should a shift for us as a collective and a real help to me so I can focus more on my uni work and other projects that ive been offered  that are going help me to grow as a project manager /curator …..

I feel its a little hard to let go and part of me wants to reinforce that im the founder but its a REAL collective now and it will run equally now I have worked to get it established I can focus on other exciting projects .


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