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We started to set up at 1pm and I was already at the space cleaning from 9am so by 7pm it had been a long day .

The crew got set up and I got to meet Tim Wright , who is a bit of a legend in York , as he made his name here . His work was a sensory sensation , a large video screen with audio that went with the visual perfectly .The sensation of been in tune with the shapes and sounds was great and as a room full of people sat and watched together all completely hooked on this screen , it was powerful .

His friend Theo Burt also played a similar style but using different shapes and an angrier style all round .

Nektarious , a Greek artist based in Leeds , shared his wonderful sensory audio and interactive piece . Reflecting his train  journey from Leeds to York each day were scattered train tickets , around were several speakers all looped with a variety of human chatter and instrumental sounds . The audience were  encouraged to join in on a mic in the centre of the piece and also encouraged to walk amongst the tickets and be in the sound scape . A largely powerful piece which is personal for me as I do also make that journey a lot myself .

Ben Eye band Port +Mantau played at the end – Bon Ivor type music . Enchanting and dream like flow .Whilst all the night Ritchard Allaway s light installation mesmerised the audience as you walked through a rainbow of lights Allaway had placed strategically in the space .

The audinace were positive , I heard people had found out via facebook , poster and word of mouth even twitter , so the advertising is working .

I was also given a great opportunity to curate art events for a new coffee shop /bistro that’s opening in York and am going to see the premises in a few week s when its less of a bomb site .

Over all it was extremely worthwhile and I am happy to work with these guys again . 


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