Jan Vormen

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His work is a modern day take on the Japanese art of Kintsugi – where the pot is smashed and fix with a gold lacquer to illuminate the cracks as a symbol of re birth amongst many other meanings .
His work is a form of street art which has always interested me and it has that Gorilla art aspect , which was an interest for me in the first year with my gorilla mini gardens which then led to me making a mini flower box brooch from metal .

I wonder if I try my own filling in cracks and record and then make the pots or vice versa or just one or the other . As actually my pots don’t feel like something for the out doors but something to be safe in a gallery …………. so perhaps challenging this and letting the pots be touched by the elements will add another aspect of experimentation to the project …………… testing materials and climates and symbolising the human natures tests to be strong and functional perhaps .


This German artists work has inspired me . He works mainly with brightly coloured lego bricks and fills in broken bits of walls and monuments  where cracks have appeared due to general decay . The juxta postion is strong – the old wall and the fresh bright filler which refreshes and brings life back into the original object . The “fix up ” has become the art and made the decay  wall more significant by illuminating the crack .

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