So what have i got so far ?


* A form or object which through its shape , colour or position can reflect the human emotion

* A ceramic object or vessel which can symbolise self containment

*Actions to warp and manipulate the container ie to smash the vessel and put together again using another material

* An object within an object to symbolise protection and layers of the character ie a Russian Doll .

* The action of wrapping the vessel in brightly coloured thread to symbolise security , protection or safety .



* object  *vessel *symbolise *protection *safety *containment *emotions *smash *colour *ceramic *thread *character *action *layers *reflect

A ceramic object which is a vessel  that is designed for a function which is to contain something    symbolising protection , security and self containment in a metaphorical sense .Through human action of smashing  and manipulating the vessel , the vessel is no longer functional…

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