Summer so far …………….

It is all about the reading this summer for my disitation on community arts . Ive purchased 2 of the Whitechapel books from the series – essays in contempory  art.I have mad a start of reading and note taking but need some significant , quiet time to get through them both .

I have been preparing to stage manage the soken word tent ARTS AND MINDS at Beacons festival – project managing a tent rather than a whole project is much more managable at the moment . Ive got a large team to help me to . So i am applyng things ive learnt from past events .I will be recording and observing lots at this festival and gope to make a number of new contacts to .

I am in contact with a man from York City Council ….. through my boss as he is a friend of hers . We are in discussion over an exciting project involving a well known city resteraunt and i will update details on the blog when i know more .It will be a project mangment job though .

I also bought lots of silver smith tools and have my own little workshop set up …I will upload photos soon . There is a long way to go but i have made a pair of earrings and a braclet and plan to keep applying /learning new techniques ..


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