A wonderful oppertunity to project manage a new and exciting arts venture in York City has arisen . Through the vision of a local business man Justin , who owns The Star Inn The City resteraunt and through the contacts of my boss Sophie Jewett and her friend and councel worker Simon Daubeny .

Her recomendation came to Simon after my POP UP ART SPACE sucess and now I have been asked to help curate a street art market which could potentially become a business for myself and Justin and overall bring a new tourist attraction to York . Much like the hippy bo ho barcelona streets we aim to create a buzzin creative space all up the river , where local artists and craft people can sell their works and the general public can emerce them selves in craetivity as they walk up the river which presently doesnt offer any attraction (other than the beautiful river of course ).


We would charge around 10 pound per day for artists to show their work and we would do it all year round as so it becomes an established part of York ..


Next thing is to meet and discuss legalities of the street stalls and spacing with Simon as he is the councel man and essentially will show us the loop holes etc .


Excited and likeing Justins vision for its romance and charm but also for its drive and determination which is something you need in a project as it helps you believe in the whole thing .


Little steps …….


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