I have spoken to York Museums Trust and they will have no objection provided that:

· There are no permanent fixings to the railings
· We don’t jeopardise the railings in any way
· We don’t need to go into Museum Gardens to hang the works
· We keep clear of the gates

I have also spoken to Gill Cooper who is responsible for markets. Gill agrees that this proposal should go ahead as a designated market. Gill has proposed that our fee would equate to a third of the rental that you would charge your pitch holders. For information she says that in Parliament Street we charge £35 for a stall on a Sunday.

She points out that you would need to establish yourself as a business (such as a sole trader) and that you would need public liability insurance of at least £5m and that traders would need at least £2m (which can be obtained quite cheaply). You would also need to take the proposal to the city’s Safety Advisory Group.

Gill (who is copied in) would be more than happy to meet you to help you develop your business plan and your proposal and advise you on the above practicalities.

I hope this helps and I look forward to working with you on it.

Best regards,


Charlie Croft | Assistant Director (Communities, Culture and Public Realm)
t: 01904 553371 | e:

City of York Council | Communities and Neighbourhoods
Station Rise | York YO1 6GA | |@CityofYork

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To Croft, CharlieCooper, Gill
Aug 15 at 6:24 PM
Thanks for the reply Charlie ,
I am glad to hear that the Museums Trust have been accepting regarding useage of the railings .Yes I would most definatly be happy to meet with Gill (who I have also copied in ), so that we can discuss the market/sole trader info.further .
Thanks for your speedy reply with all relevant info . and I shall look forward to meetig you again as the project progress s .
I shall send Gill a private message to arrange a date /time to meet .
All the best

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