25 sept 4pm – meeting Gill Cooper at Silver Street – we discussed the situation of me giving 3rd of profit rather than income like Norman Whyte suggested . After discusiion I realise her offer is not so bad . The max they will take is £300 . So if i take a mean £140 they can only take a 3rd and if I take a great £1400 they will still only take £300 as thats their max so I stand to make a good profit if the river  art market is a success.

We discussed having a minimum of 6 artists to make it worth my while so I can take a wage as well as pay my 3rd and cover costs – Im still thinking about this .

Also on this date I recieved an email from Charlie Croft in responce to my email regards Highway procedures and rules – which im glad I questioned as there is now another hurdle which he was unaware of – I will need to apply for planning permission – thankfully he and Gill have said they ascess the applications and so will help me .This puts things a bit on hold until I get the all clear .

29th sept recieve an email in responce to my email regarding grants in York , from Simon Daubeny – The council offer no small grants for small business any more . However he put me in contact with some one who specialises in that area and have given me some interesting contacts as did Gill Cooper at our meeting . Thats my next step to follow the contacts up.

30th Sept – Fill in application form and write application to  a  Memorial Trust Fund Oppenheim Downes —- My friend works for the Trust and suggested I use them its art based and for over 30s which is refreshing ……..Im really glad I checked them out as their closing date is 7 oct and its the first today – by the will of god I hope it reaches them …….

Todays task is to check out planning permision application forms and start to fill in .Also buy a ssketch book to start to build up a more visual and tactile logbook of my steps so far in creating the river art market .


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