To Today at 11:03 AM
Hello Phil,
Ive been given all your contact details through Gill Cooper , who manages York markets .
Im organising an Art Market by the side of the river along the railings of museum gardens ………… I can send images etc and even meet you down there so you can get a clearer idea of what im needing .
In brief – canaopies will be required for wetter weather ..the art work will be attached to railings and so the canopies will attach to top of railings and hang over a small disitance to protect work as much as poss ………………. they need to be sturdy and built to last as they will be well used .yet lightweight and easily removable as the market is only on sundays …………
Im applying for funding now in aim to open in Spring — so really I need to a/ meet you so we can discuss wether its even something you will do and b/get an approximate quote for 10plus of the canopies so that I can add this my funding applications on applying ……… of course I would only geive you the go ahead to make when i had funding in place …….. Im waiting to hear back at the moment from one Trust I applied to …………….
Ill look forward to discussing this further and perhaps working with you on this project ……
Best regards


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