Hey Charlie , Simon .
This meeting is completely out of my hands as it was Simons suggestion and like I said the only reason I can see it helping is to literally meet Janet (so she knows who I am )and I can see thats all Simon was trying to help with . Charlie I did make Simon aware that you had already spoken to Janet and that I have already been given the all clear regards to the railings. I am also aware that you gave me permission which I am thankful for as now I can make the project happen however I guess there has been a lack of commune between you and Simon .

If Janet wants to meet and speak with me I am happy to do so but I am already happy with my progress with the project and am simply waiting for extra info from Gill , who I guess is very busy with Christmas markets etc at the mo , hence lack of commune .

Simon I do hope you don’t think me ungrateful as like I said I am still willing to meet Janet and do realise you are trying to help but I don’t think you were fully aware of the stage I am actually at with the project,which is that Charlie has allowed it to happen and spoken to Janet (this happened in the summertime ) and Gill and I are aiming to clear up some points regards the planning permission side of things and she has even saved me some stall canvass from the old market so I can make canopies for the pitches by the river …. also I am applying and have applied for various grants to cover costs- I have many contact s for artists from my past projects and me and Gill have discussed what percentage I will pay to the council each week for fees .

I hope this helps to put everyone in the picture . I am thankful for everyones help so far and I will continue to keep working on this project . If Janet would like to meet me and have a chat then thats fine with me but I don’t think mentioning the railings will help as it would just be taking a step backwards which at this stage I don’t want to do . I realise that you are all busy and that this project may be a small one in comparison to other city projects but it will be an added attraction to the city if it is successful and I am thankful for all support given to help make it happen .

Many thanks

PS /Gill – I have linked you in just to put you in the picture . The original email was regards to Simon initiating a meeting a meeting for me and Janet of YMT ……. hope you are well be great to hear from you soon .


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